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"Telephone Pictionary Ten"
Started By: jvcc

The Signup List and message:
I'm not twisting the rules of grammar for the title. Bold numbers means you get to draw, non-bold means a line.

00 - Meh.
01 - Kerberos
02 - Eviljekyll
03 - IglooJeffrey
04 - James
05 -Null
06 - Mimiheart
07 -Judas Maccabeus
08 - SemiNomad
09 - Rhellik
10 - DarthCat
11 - PonderThis
12 - Nik
13 - sum yun gai
14 - Skimba
15 - Dusk Bringer
16 - Uberlizzard
17 - Watery_tart
18 - ntw3001
19 - chrismachine
20 - katzenkoenig


[jvcc] started things off with:
Heave to, Mr. Bush, it seems we've been boarded by monkies.

And Kerberos gave us:

Which EvilJekyll interpreted as:
A banana bearing Ent jabs at pirate monkeys with its swords and bows in its many branches, whilst floating down the Amazon.

And IglooJeffrey drew this in reply:

Which caused James to say:
Simian pirates pursue a heavily-armed frog-tree-Vishnu-thing through piranha-infested waters. Will one of his palm brethren on the shore block the progress of the aggressors, or will they capture his bounty (a box which may contain a load of tongues, but who really knows)? Tune in next week for more exciting high adventure.

So Null created:

And in turn, Mimiheart said:
The tv show I'm watching has everything I like: multi-armed, tree-headed frogs running from monkey-pirates; boxes of doll heads; electronic-faced monks, and fish.

Judas then drew:

And Seminomad exclaimed:
And so the procession trudged on: the green seal with a tree for a head, the monkey pirate, the box of severed heads, the small fish, and the cyclops monk

And thus Rhellik created:

And Darthcat say:
Confucius say: The pirate banana-flag wielding monkey leads the tree-headed sea and the cyclops shaolin monk. Also, 20% chance of fish-spitting dolphins in your broadcast area tomorrow.

Which made Ponderthis make:

And Nik doth reply:
Confucius say ninja and monkey rebellion can only progress when oddly shaped water jets are angry. At least that's what the paper says.

Which caused Sum Yum Gai to draw:

Which Skimba described as:
After a dinner of crabgrass and fotune cookies, Neil had a hard time believing Bob's story about teenage mutant ninja monkeys and their battle against a menacing cloud.

And Duskbringer sketched:

Which Uberlizzard interpreted as:
Bob the Builder dreams of monkeys at war with storm clouds while he enjoys a meal with a surly looking gentleman with long hair.

And so Watery_tart drew:

Thus Enty said:
The vampire's story was boring. Bob amused himself by remembering the legend of the ancient sword-monkeys' assault on Mist-shrouded Halo Mountain. After a gruelling battle, the mountain had been forced to surrender... or so the story goes. To spice things up, Bob liked to imagine the entire battle had taken place in his office. That tickled him just right.

So Chrism handcrafted:

Cubicle Scalp had a wild plan: Using complex, but ultimately irrelevant mathematical theorems, he'd capture the smoking mini-volcano and put it on a shelf in his office

Fin fin.