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"Pictiphoininary v.11.01"
Started By: draculahunter

The Signup List and message:
Ring ring. Who's there?

It's another version of telephone pictionary. Bam.

Evens = Words
Owes me 5 bucks.

Lineup :


The Results: "Ring ring. Who's there? It's Photopictionary (version 11.01)"

1: [draculahunter] Kicked things off with this sexy beast of robot and ink:

2: Sum yun gai blatently ignored the robot aspect when he wrote:
I didn't want to be part of the Great Lobster Uprising. I just want to spend my days swinging and frolicking in the sun

3: Mimiheart scares [draculahunter] with her ability to make things look happy and angry at the same time.

4: Kerberos half dazedly wrote:
The lobster mentally debated the issue; it could hang out with its friends at the restaurant, or it could play at the park.

5: Rhellik, being the speciest that he is, decided that there's only one place in resturaunts that lobsters belong when he drew this.

6:Everbody got mad at James when he wrote:
Justin Crustacean considered what the two foul-mouthed revolutionary lobsters had been angrily talking about: the plight of their imprisoned brethren, their very lives dependant on the arbitrary whim of cruelly laughing restaurant patrons, and their bitter longing for the freedom to play catch in a idyllic green landscape. In him the seeds of descent had been sown and were germinating.

7: Eviljekyll had to blow out the dust from his Mario Paint cartridge for this drawing.

8: I don't know what Skimba was on when she wrote:
The now free-range nuclear powered lobster recalled that one day as a confederate during the Lobster Rebellion that he and a fellow soldier shared their stories of how the Rebellion ensnared them. One lived in the sea until a yellow sponge floating on the surface caught his eye and the other was hand picked out of a restaurant tank by Red Skivvy Guy, while Jemry ate at the lobster's brethren.

9: Hazzardwolf drew a lobster with a radioactive tattoo. He he.:

10: DarthCat obviously didn't take Crustacean Biology 101 when he was younger and wrote:
"The radioactive prawn discuss how both Jemry and Red Skivvy Guy greatly enjoy eating them."

11: Somebody apparently made Nik's radioactive prawns very angry indeed. [draculahunter is] sure whoever did so did not like it.... H-.. Hulk prawns.

12: jvcc clearly needs therepy. Look at what she wrote:
The two radioactive prawn recounted stories together of how they had been eaten by Jemry and...who knows what happened to them by the hand of Dusk Bringer.

13: On top of being radioactive in appearance, objects can also be radioactive in smell as katzenkoenig demonstrates:

-forftyteen: Gelatine Cow had an idea which the prawns would prefer when he wrote:
The nuclear prawns discussed the options of being eaten by Jemry, or raped by Dusk Bringer.

15: Null drew them kind of robotic looking... 10 bucks says they're going to be interpreted as stick bugs or soemthing, though.

16: [draculahunter] lost 10 bucks when ntw3001 wrote:
Horrors! The radioactive prawnfolk have dire plans for the sleazy trio of Jemry, Duskbringer and jvcc! Not that it's too much of a worry; they won't get anywhere with the war room all... dishevelled like that.>

17: Watery Tart reminded [draculahunter] that we were still doing this thing when she finally submitted this:

..and not a family tree of racoons.

18: pitnyelder defiantly has bad grammar. I'm was too tierd when I wrote this to notice specific grammatical errors, though, when s/he wrote:
The diabolical crawfish-lamprey aliens, already hampered by their total lack of knowledge of earth geography, set back their world domination plans even further by mistaking Jemry, Dusk Bringer and jvcc for a group of superheroes and attempting to kill them.

19: Jemry smells bad.

20: [draculahunter] ha[s]n't even read what Dusk Bringer wrote:
As part of the evil horned crab alien's plans for interstellar domination, they intended to obliterate the pinnacle of human society. Unfortunately they couldn't find their way to these people, so they pursued Jemry, Dusk Bringer and jvcc instead.