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"I sure would like to be in the next Telephone Picturnry. 12"
Started By: Jemry

The Signup List and message:
Seeing as that [Jemry] was in another country for 10 and 11 fucking ninja'd around [him] [he's]a start [his] own one.

And If you're already in 11 then let others join unless you really wanna do two at once..

Yeah that's right. Two at once.

Odds draw.
Evens don't draw.

0. Jimry
1. kitzenkoenag
2. EvolJakyll
4. Mik
5. Panda This
6. Cream Of (SYG)
7. Disk Brugner
8. Mimmmmm<3 - Mum'd 9. drauclarhunert
10. darthmarthcarth
11. Null gets no name change due to Jemry fearing Null.
12. JudsMuds Dum Dum Head
13. UbsLubs
14. I'm assuming Salty wanted in
15. Captain Cool Myspace Picture (That's Rob DME btw)
16. Skanty
17. Desk Breskinger
18. Schrism
19. Mistickle Deshistickle
20. Jimmy

Why are you still here?



Jemry started with:

Captain Disturbingly Naked Guy meets his arch nemesis Distrubingly Large Collection of Cats Lady once again to settle a matter of parking spaces.

Katzenkoenig soiled his on his fingers and produced:

Eviljekyll did things:

In round two of Nudist pirate versus veepa's grandmother, they battle using two ships in a parking lot. On the left behind them is SemiNomad's red transformer car, and on the right is Catass's distinguishable piece of crap, with license plate lolcat. This round, veepa's grandmother will use a bag of live kittens to attack the hair on nudist pirate's chest and genitals.

JVCC violated seabreeze:

Nik did things while being tall at the same time coz women can multitask (btw lol tit):

As Premature Ejaculation watches in stealth mode, disguised as a car in a parking lot, and Catastrophile hides in his his own piece of junk, an old lady tries to give a beat-down to a naked pirate, using only a bag of cats as a surely lethal weapon. Perhaps we'll never know why they're in rowboats in a parking lot.

PonderThis came into my house and ate my biscuits. [Jemry] stole this from him:

Sum Yun Gai used only one instance of punctuation. Can you find it?

during the parking lot canoe race, grandma flattened skeeter with a giant bag of cats

The heavily shitfaced Dusk Bringer vomited an assortment of inks onto his computer:

Good old Mimiheart send this old anecdote over:

When cartoons collide in the parking lot, fake famous pictures happen in the background, while other cartoons hurt others in the foreground.

draculahunter smells like poo:

DarthCat went on a holiday, played some tennis (virtual of course), became the Manager of Real Madrid, did a couple sit ups, bought a Hummer (the car you sick bastards) and visited some sick kids at the hospital. Years later he remembered this was still going:

"Hannah-Barbera meets Dali: Now with More Black Hole!"

You fear Null for he ninja (and part Radioactive Man):

Judas Maccabeus wrote this with his hat, held by his beard:

"Okay, clock-faced ladies, this modern art masterpiece depicts the ancient struggle between man and animal in the form of Yogi Bear and the park ranger. Now who threw away all these perfectly good hot dogs?"

Uberlizzard dropped this off on her way back from NAMBLA:

Saltine has a really cool cleft chin:

The bespectacled stickman attempted to impress the pair of clock-faced stickwomen with his Hanna-Barbera-themed sculpture exhibit. All the while, he was fantasizing about "throwing hot dogs into a rubbish bin", if you know what I mean. Oh, and Saltine hates it when people put words in their Telephone Pictionary comics. It's against the spirit of the damn game. Do you talk when you play charades? Ooh, look how I can get a text message across using only pictures, and maybe some text. Jeez!

DMEnduro grew five moustaches while drawing this (he also wrote dick a couple times):

Skimba made [Jemry] feel awkward with her flirty ways:

Saltine is pissed off because someone laughed at his idea of a Hanna-Barbera wax museum where hotdog-schlonged stick figure Einstein gives tours to clock-faced people.

Dusk Bringer was still quite drunk when he made this:

chrismachine broke out some Shakespeare grade stuff to summarise the drawingses:

Saltine finally snaps in court as the judge can't help but laugh at the latest exhibit. You see, instead of a close-up of the murder weapon, someone had blown up a picture of that time his grampa forgot to dress up for halloween, and simply whipped out his penis instead, with all of the children watching.

Mystical Descent gave [Jemry's] brain a computer virus and left spyware in [his] ear:

James used many big words, most of which [Jemry] didn't understand:
The case against the pornographic amoeba/human soap opera was so ridiculous it had the judge in fits of laughter. But Bill Gates was not impressed. He was so incensed that such filth should be allowed on television that he exploded into two parts. These two parts would later go on to lead separate lives, stubbornly refusing to reunite with one another, but each greatly lessened by the inability to perform simple tasks, like walking or clapping.

btw [Jemry] shaved [his] head