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"lucky telephone pictionary thirteen!"
Started By: sum yun gai

The Signup List and message:
if this version is unlucky, then telepic 12 is guilty by association.

evens play to draw
odds do lines
jokers and treys are wild -- oops, wrong game!

1. some guy
2. drac
3. coupeaux
4. r. hell lick
5. meems
6. mr. hyde?
7. sith cat
8. misty cal decent
9. junior varisty cc
11. stoned wheat thin
12. the bringer of dusk
13. chrono(logy) crow
14. jemry jemry jemstones
15. wandering semi
16. king of the katzens
17. (welcome to the) chrismachine
18. new technology windows
19. the many faces of nik
20. /dev/null

also, stealing an idea from a previous TP endeavour: if you click the person's name in the list, it will open a pm to them...

The Results: "TRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA telepictionary"

in an effort to try the simple approach, we begin our festivities with the most all-inclusive line possible in one sentence:

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dogs

draculahunter stops his pursuit of the undead long enough to give us this offering:

kupo plumbed the depths of her soul to call forth the following

The brown dog jumped over the two lazy black and white dogs jumped in the black and white forest.

Rhellik (is he even still around anymore?) keeps the simple theme going with this study in black and white (give or take)

Mimiheart forgot she was even playing along when she gave us this line

The black and white forest and dogs were brought back to light with the rainbow hellhound.

Eviljekyll shows us his good side and brings color to the world with this rendition

keeping the evil flowing, DarthCat uses the force to channel this line into existence and send it propelling onwards

The long-snouted hounds march in perfect rank-and-file toward the rainbow sppoge, which imbues the land with colors.

MysticalDescent gives us a futuristic sci-fi adventure in the making

jvcc shows her penchant for keeping things neat and orderly (without once fawning over Conan O'Brien in the process)

Hordes of shadowy dogs headed into the cave of SPPOGE *rainbow* mountain; the great danes took the left road and the cute dogs wearing red collars took the right.

PonderThis must have hit a high score, because he unlocked a hidden character when he turned in this entry

meanwhile.... Saltine can't seem to get his mind out of the gutter

Dogs of all breeds from around the world converged upon the rainbow mountain with the misspelled slang term for ejaculate above the entrance. Far in the distance, Godzilla walked around and stuff.

DuskBringer himself seems to be right there in the gutter with Saltine....

ChronoCrow shows his love of furries when he turned in this

The Well-Hung Gay Dogs And A Pig Group proudly opened their club in the mountains, but Godzilla needs to kick his nasty smoking habit before he can join.

after coming back from japan (or someplace else i'm sure), Jemry quickly threw this together at the last minute and with great expense

SemiNomad came down off the volcano to give us this

The cigar-chomping tyrannosaur hanged the gay animals int he middle of the ribbon-cutting ceremony for their mountainside night club

katzenkoenig hat diese Bilder zu mich gegeben

chrismachine had everyone stumped with the following line

A T-Rex drops his cigar in surprise as he enters the scene: two gaydybugs (I guess you would prefer gaydybirds) are being hanged in front of the burlesque establishment right as the naked Amish Viking is cutting the ceremonial ribbon. One can only assume they are being hanged for arguing with Pink, Christina Aguilera, and Lil Kim about the colour they have chosen for the exterior.

ntw3001, er.... uberlizzard, that is.... PixieWolfe helped move us along with her lovely rendition. and may i say, she has some quite lovely renditions [/groucho]

Nik used her powerful Admin powers to full force when she turned out this line

T-rex is very shocked to see that the sign at his local strip club was replaced by two gay ladybugs reciting the names of stupid blonde pop singers while the naked Noresman looks on in interest.

and, as all good programmers will tell you, every good string ends with Null