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"Muscial Telephone Pictchairnaries no. 15 in C#"
Started By: draculahunter

The Signup List and message:

: Johann Sebastian Drach
: PortalsAreAwesome
. : EvilJekyll
: Jemry
^ : Skimba
. : Sum Yun Gai
.. : Wattery_tart
: jvcc
^ : Judas Maccabeus
^ : MysticalDescent
^. : chrismachine
. : IanC
.^ : PonderThis
.. : Yoyodyne
... : James
: Nik / Ninj
^ : Zombie Protestor
^ : Mimiheart
^. : Darthcat
^ :

Note: 1/16ths not divisible by 1/8 [odds] = lines
1/8ths [evens] = drawings

The Results: "Telephone Pictionary No. 15 Allegri in C#"

The scene opens with a skiddish young man sweeping the outside of a store with an object he clearly shouldn't be using to sweep a floor with. Passer bys are giving the man dirty glances - he is obviously not much liked with the townsfolk. Inside the store trouble is brewing. The bass steadily creeps into the music as the manager, a manipulative lunatic, stares out the store window onto his employee. The cat is represented by the obone.


The person in the blue dress does a double take as blond haired person uses a bassoon to play a round of curling outside of an interrogation room. Inside the interrogation room, a beatnik undergoes the moaning cat torture whilst looking through the window for aid, only to be surprised by this person playing curling.


Catass and a knife weilding, loud french man receive treatment for their indigestion after having indulged themselves on pan-fried pink ogre head.

Sum Yun Gai:

The unbearable anguish caused by the french indigestion was strangely apologetic about the red headed ogre's fingernails.


Judas Maccabeus:
People are repelled by trolls and overperfumed Frenchmen.


A breed of super-huge Neolithic people battle the smelly Frenchmen in the shadows for possession of the world’s widest chimney, though some in the foreground don’t seem particularly eager to fight.


The primitive cavemen had somehow wandered onto a paved country lane. They waved at two other people (apparently chefs from a cheap diner looking for road kill) farther down the lane.


The two bald cavemen waved to the camera. This being one of their first encounters with tecnology since their thawing, they were understandably nervous. Unfortunately the photograph was spoilt by chef Barth, an apron-wearing nurse (both of them curious on-lookers), and a dead fish-beaver hybrid floating in a river of oil. Their time in the modern world was not turning out well.

Nik / PonderThis:

Zombie Protestor:
It was a golden photographic opportunity: Seeing twin cavemen, a young Chef Simpson, and Hello Nurse all standing on the shore of a toxic river. A dead beaver/fish mutant floated serenely with the current.


Photogenic cavemen, dying chefs and conspicuous medics all agree: Britney's music is shit.