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"Ring Ring Ring Ring Ring Piction-o-phone (aka TelePic 17)"
Started By: Zombie Protestor

The Signup List and message:
Line #1: Zombie Protestor
Drawing #1: draculahunter
Line #2: EvilJekyll
Drawing #2: PonderThis
Line #3: IanC
Drawing #3: Magical Trevor
Line #4: MysticalDescent
Drawing #4: Binkatron
Line #5: Darthcat
Drawing #5: Dusk Bringer
Line #6: DMEnduro
Drawing #6: Traubster
Line #7: Chrismachine
Drawing #7: Mimiheart
Line #8: Chrono Crow
Drawing #8: Skimba
Line #9: Pitnyelder
Drawing #9: Fanelian
Line #10: Sum yun gai
Drawing #10: Jemry
Line #11: Nik
Drawing #11: Sweet Tasting Jonas

Substitute 1: IglooJeffrey
Sub 2: Null
Sub 3:
Sub 4:

That's right, kiddies. Let's get this thing over with. Subs are to fill in on any line or drawing that looks like it's going to be too late in coming.

The Results: "Toilet Paper...er, Telephone Pictionary 17!"

Zombie Protestor wrote the following on a picket sign:
The man's food began to gesture irately, but he did not hear it - he was deeply engrossed in the game of ice basketball going on outside.

Draculahunter drew his stake while drawing this picture:

Eviljekyll drank a potion and transformed into Goodhyde, all the while screaming out:
A bald person with a yellow shirt and tan skin colour is amazed by what they see out the window. A stiff eskimo in a red snowsuit squaring off one on one with a gangsta in blue hat and pants on a frozen pond surrounded by snow. The ball itself is a frozen ball of ice. The head in the pan from the Frizzle Fry album referees while a sole fan, a snowman, watches. The person's pea and beef soup gives the person the middle finger, as if to say "Hey, fork you."

PonderThis DrewThis:

IanC was AntC to say:
What a sight! A near nude black man and young Santa playing hockey on my pond! But what's this? A cactus and a coconut snowman? Well im shocked. Just shocked.

Magical Trevor conjured up this illusion:

MysticalDescent mystically descended, bearing this message of hope:
'The coconut/carrot snowman, the pygmy santa and the tall African tribesman were the typical bullies: they played ice hockey on the frozen pond together leaving the poor old cactus to watch on ruefully. I like to think that the three of them smiled smugly, content in the knowledge that the cactus was crying itself to sleep. What a sad portrait of abstract society.'

Binkatron5000 calculated to 315,392 decimal places and printed the following:

DarthCat used the force to hock up this hairball:
The hairless young lad was unaffected by thoughts of his crying cactus companion, and went to to win the hockey game against the Christmas monkey and amalagated Frosty-coconut-snowman-carrot guy.

Dusk Bringer is Bringing funny back with:

DMEnduro DMEnstrated his interpretation:
Coach Cactuar weeps as his hockey team loses the game. Christmas Ape and Coconut the Snowman were just no match-up for The Skins.

Traubster was no Slobster:

Chrismachine paused from manufacturing Chrises and read out the following on its diagnostics screen:
Coach cactus was most upset that his NHL (Naked Hockey League) game had descended into this.

Mimiheart Tooktoheart the line and drew this:

Chrono Crow pecked at some corn and looked THROUGH TIME, divining this as the best possible interpretation:
Mr. Skullhead dressed very inappropriately for the ice skating competition, and after not quite sticking the double axle, was urged to get the hell off the ice by an irate cactus.

Skimba skillfully sketched:

Pitnyelder Pitted his wits and came up with:
The crowd looked on in awe as the previously unknown figure skating team of Angry Levitating Cactus and Re-Animated Skeleton Warrior finished their flawless routine with a flourish.

Fanelian dibujó:

Sum yun gai say:
Death of being stabbed to death by a cutlass and a saguaro cactus dazzled the crowd at the generic viagra championships on ice.

IglooJeffrey emerged from his icy dwelling and drew the first thing he saw:

Nik had this news scoop:
To the joy of the audience, Death's cacti-scimitar theatre performance of "The Silence of the Viagra" was moving. It won first prize.

SweetTastingJonas made a SweetLookingFinale with: