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"Mission: Picture Telephone (Episode 18)"
Started By: PonderThis

The Signup List and message:
Drawing #1: PonderThis
Line #1: Skimba
Drawing #2: Zombie Protestor
Line #2: James
Drawing #3: Yoyodyne
Line #3: sum yun gai
Drawing #4: IglooJeffrey
Line #4: Chrono Crow
Drawing #5: kupo
Line #5: ntw3001
Drawing #6: katzenkoenig
Line #6: SemiNomad
Drawing #7: Rhellik
Line #7: Sweet Tasting Jonas
Drawing #8: Nik
Line #8: IanC
Drawing #9: MysticalDescent
Line #9: Mimiheart
Drawing #10: Binkatron5000
Line #10: Dusk Bringer
Drawing #11: chrismachine

Added drawing #11 since I have more drawing requests than line requests. Also, I'll use ZP's innovation ...

Substitute 1: Jemry
Sub 2: PortalsAreAwesome
Sub 3: draculahunter
Sub 4: Eviljekyll

Here's how I figure it. If it has been someone's turn for a couple of (2) days, I'll send them a PM or email or something reminding them it's their turn. If there's no response the next day, I'll send the line or picture to a sub. Now if you're working on something and need more time, just say something and I'll wait for you. But please don't take more than another day or two, as I really don't want to see us take weeks between turns. So that's like 5 days at the most between turns, and hopefully more like an average of a day or two each.

The Results: "Picture Telephone 18: Now on HD-DVD!"

PonderThis decided to kick things off with a depiction of everyone's favorite purple knife-wielding mascot ...

Skimba grimaced and wrote:
During it's first clinical trial, Nokillinex proved to not be strong enough to suppress the urges of the greatest knife wielder of this day and age.

Zombie Protestor metathesized that into:

The James of Consciousness flowed forth and produced ...
I was annoyed. The narrow-minded moral expectations of this grey, sterile facility were stifling. A scientist was attempting to restrain me, and there was a whole load of screaming and sirens and general wailing distracting me from the task at hand. Even the walls were telling me not to be true to myself. And since when was I not a big purple largely shapeless blob? And where did this guy on the floor's makeup go? This whole operation was turning out to be a complete pain in the arse.

Also, whoever expected me to know what that molecule on the wall was could go fuck themselves.

Yoyodyne knows arse pain is to be avoided at all costs:

sum yun gai wasn't clowning around when he wrote: fred tried desperately to escape the rectal examination room, despite the firm hold the doctor had on his arm. meanwhile, cookie the clown sat in the hallway in shock at the horrors he had witnessed inside

IglooJeffrey gave us the horror of ...

Chrono Crow clinically observed:
Cookie the clown was too immersed in his childhood traumas of being sodomized repeatedly with power tools to save his friend from the nefarious Doc Sodomy.

kupo cried out for:

ntw3001 exclaimed that ...
Cookie Clown is in a state of some distress! The blood-smeared doctor has taken Little Billy and is soon to apply the bat with nails! He huddles in the corner and comforts himself with the image of an armless, floating man inconveniencing a villain.

katzenkoenig depicted the state of shock we're all in by now with:

The seminal SemiNomad was only half-joking when he said,
"The man, who for some reason had small cookies glued all over his head and shirt, desperately wanted to recreate a photo of a seated Buddhist monk and a bank robber walking by with a sack of money. Unfortunately, all the cookie guy had to work with was a blood-spattered surgeon brandishing a bat and a baby rabbit, and wobbly-legged man that he tied up."

Rhellik probably wanted to axe how we got hare, bat Oreo, we guru where the money takes us!

Sweet Tasting Jonas used the following as his doctoral thesis and thought what the hell, he may as well use it here as well:
Ah, the transcendental nature of man's pursuits in this world. You could be a master thief with the world's most daring Buddhist temple heist to your name, or you could be a drugged bat helplessly swung around by an insane legless doctor. Or an intoxicated rabbit. Such was Veepa's train of thought as he watched that very scene, which was in fact the latest and greatest in the highly specialized field of axe-to-the-head-while-your-knee-is-tied-to-your-neckitis therapy, which he was shooting a documentary about. In the end, he realised, all you have is a camera with a coke can for a lens. Everything is in vain. All is sorrow and suffering; the howls of the damned flow through the veins of this planet like oil through whatever channels oil in an engine. It is better to spend one's life covered in Oreos than dream of stealing money from Buddhist monks. I wouldn't be that stupid, Veepa assured himself as he licked an Oreo from his cheek. I bet they all know kung-fu.

Just in the Nik of time we see ...

IanCing us back to the utter despair of reality ...
As Veepa records a horrible accident, he thinks back to others he has seen and wonders if could have stopped them.

MysticalDescent decided to NSFW up the place with this charming view:

Mimiheart knows what darkness lurks in the heart of Veeps.
Veepa dreams about burning semi-naked men while drawing pictures of fully naked men and women winning the big dick award.

Binkatron5000 cut the image straight into our souls with:

Dusk Bringer was moved to fulfill prophecy with ...
It was no good. No matter what Nicholas painted there was always a big, throbbing penis involved. As he tried to take his life, his precious lifeblood formed a portal through which flaming baby Jesus appeared, aroused and giving the thumbs up.

And finally, an obviously disgusted chrismachine closed the whole thing out with ...