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"Telephone Pictionary 19 - Never ending story."
Started By: IanC

The Signup List and message:
Line #1: IanC
Drawing #1: MysticalDescent
Line #2: Kupo
Drawing #2: draculahunter
Line #3: Nik
Drawing #3: Eviljekyll
Line #4: James
Drawing #4: Chrismachine
Line #5: ntw3001
Drawing #5: PortalsAreAwesome
Line #6: Zombie Protestor
Drawing #6: Jvcc
Line #7: Darthcat
Drawing #7: Rhellik
Line #8: Chrono Crow
Drawing #8: DMEnduro
Line #9: Mimiheart
Drawing #9: Jemry
Line #10: Skimba
Drawing #10: loofah

Following Ponder and ZP -
Substitute 1: sum yun gai
Sub 2: Dusk Bringer
Sub 3: Ponderthis
Sub 4: Null

"If it has been someone's turn for a couple of (2) days, I'll send them a PM or email or something reminding them it's their turn. If there's no response the next day, I'll send the line or picture to a sub. Now if you're working on something and need more time, just say something and I'll wait for you. But please don't take more than another day or two, as I really don't want to see us take weeks between turns."

Go go go speed racer.

The Results: "Telephone Pictionary 19 - Ever Ending Story"
Line from IanC -
That fateful day when Johnny Appleseed looked down, he knew that he was no longer a boy... he was a man

Drawing from MysticalDescent -

Line from kupo -
Mr. Johnny Appleseed went to retrieve his mail of the day. Finally! His National Insurance Lumbercard had arrived! He was waiting all month! He didn't even know what a Lumbercard was!

Drawing from Draculahunter -

Line from Nik -
Oh joy of joys! Johnny the Apple Seed's insurance card finally came! But wait, what's this printed on! No, not Mama Tree! GASP AND WOE!

Drawing from Eviljekyll -

Line from James -
In his cannibalistic house and employing cannibalistic tools, a young tree seed works on his health and fitness to keep his premium down.

Drawing from chrismachine -

Line from ntw3001 -
Over the course of the last few months Garlic Man had noticed something. He had been collecting data and discovered that the value of the dollar showed a remarkable correlation with the value of man-with-hat. For this reason, he trained. He conducted his training in a hollowed-out treetrunk, for he did not want others taking advantage of his insight. His goal: Healthcare.

Drawing by PortalsAreAwesome -

Line from Zombie Protestor -
The healthcare corporation's CMO (Chief Meditational Officer) had a brilliant and transcendental revelation: A garlic necklace fad would yield lots of money, which we could use to buy top hats.

Drawing from jvcc -

Line from Darthcat -
Step 1: Dinosaur-tooth necklace
Step 2: Profit!
Step 3: Celebrate! (Hats?)

Drawing from Ponderthis -

Line from Chrono Crow -
Step 1: Rip teeth out of dead reptile's mouth and make a necklace.
Step 2: Sell the necklace for a bag of money.
Step 3: BUY HATS!

Drawing from DMEnduro -

Line from Mimiheart -
"Teeth make great necklaces for Hindu gods; they pay a lot for them," said the ninja to the desperado while buying a sombrero.

Drawing from Jemry -

Line from Skimba -
Whether it was the tequila talking or not, Null really wanted to buy a sombrero. He tried to justify the cost by doing the math problem, chin hairs + Vishnu = money, in his head.

Drawing from Loofah -

Y'all are a bit mad.