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"Telephone Pictionary 2.0"
Started By: Nik

The Signup List and message:
All righty, We're doing it again! Sign up, but be kind. Odds are line writers, evens are comic makers.
If you made a comic this time, let someone else do it next time. 20 Spots. You don't have to sign up in order.

1. Nik
2. Veepa
3. DarthCat
4. Chrismachine
5. jvcc
6. Gelatine Cow
7. sum yun gai
8. DMEnduro
9. katzenkoenig
10. James
11. Dusk Bringer
12. Pitnyelder
13. Lukiss99
14. Eviljekyll
15. Kerberos
16. giantsfan
17. Alph Tech / STUART
18. Mimi
19. Kupo
20. Kerberos

The Results: "Telephone Pictionary 2.0: The Movie"

My prom date was no prize


Suddenly I was beginning to regret taking this cardboard cut-out of a sailor and his dog to prom. I would carry this regret with me the rest of my life.


A lady in a pink dress with a purple purse stands in a disco full of cardboard cutouts of superheros and a sailor with a poodle as she looks downcast as she thinks about a grave that is laughing.

Glatine Cow

sum yun gai
our dance party with the super friends made me think of my laughing grave as you broke aquaman with my poodle


A blond guy realizes that when you see superheroes and a guy with a poodle at the disco, the Rolling Stones must be dead


Dusk Bringer
Disco, with the help of furries and self-styled super heroes, has finally killed Rock & Roll.


Elvis holding a smoking gun, a dead rock band member with a guitar in his head, a beaver/fox with a trident, and Captain K.


Elvis, at the command of Beaver Baalzebub, dispatched James's green-mohawked bodyguard and prepared to throw a grenade at the astonished Brit.


Alph Tech / STUART
Having already felled the mohawked punk, the spiderbeaver urged Elvis on to his final target, an unemployed English pedant without a shirt.


Elvis kills a doctor with a beaver and begins an attempt to murder a homeless and naked James.