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"Telephone Pictionary: Shiny 20th Anniversary Edition"
Started By: PortalsAreAwesome

The Signup List and message:
Line #1: PortalsAreAwesome
Drawing #1: chrismachine
Line #2: Jemry
Drawing #2: loofah
Line #3: jvcc
Drawing #3: MysticalDescent
Line #4: Sweet Tasting Jonas
Drawing #4: Blasphemy
Line #5: Nik
Drawing #5: IanC
Line #6: James
Drawing #6: Eviljekyll
Line #7: sum yun gai
Drawing #7: Zombie Protestor
Line #8: Binkatron5000
Drawing #8: kupo
Line #9: Itszutak
Drawing #9: PonderThis
Line #10: DarthCat
Drawing #10: Blasphemy

Sub 1: Skimba (subbed for Blasphemy)
Sub 2:
Sub 3:
Sub 4: Null (subbed for DarthCat)

You know the drill, ladies and gentlemen:

If it's been your turn for two days and you haven't sent a reason as to the lack of picture or line, I'll PM you to remind you. If you don't respond within 24 hours, I'll let a sub take over. If you're busy and can't get to your line or picture because of work or inability to access the computer for a long enough time to finish the picture or line, then just post the reason and I'll wait. However, please don't take more than another couple days, because it sucks when the TP takes more than a month to finish.*
*paraphrased from PonderThis.

Onward for great justice!

The Results: "20th Century Telepic Presents..."

Starting line (Portals)-
The attempt at baking resulted in true catastrophe, as John thought to himself, "Well, I'm not using that cookbook again."

Drawing #1 (Chrismachine)-

Line #2 (Jemry)-
Warning, if you stop paying attention to what you're cooking to back hand a book then your ingredients will catch fire. Also, put a shirt on you bum.

Drawing #2 (loofah)-

Line #3 (jvcc)-
"The cross-dressing wrestler had put a bit too much lighter fluid on the grill, much to the dismay of the television wearing a red pillbox hat with matching red veil. On its screen was the titan Atlas."

Drawing #3 (MysticalDescent)-

Line #4 (Sweet Tasting Jonas)-
Knowing her world domination was coming to an end, Evil Edna was in tears. Using a gasoline-fueled sacrificial pyre, a purple tutu and a smashing pair of heels, Legolas Melonmouth, the Ferengi-born wrestling superstar, succeeded in setting the stars right. Soon the Great Old Ones would be unleashed upon an unsuspecting world, and Edna could only hope that she would be eaten among the first.

Drawing #4 (Skimba)-

Line #5 (Nik)-
Oh how Edna cried. Oh how the wrestler watermelon-mouth-girl smiled her seedy grin. They both had thoughts of old pock-marked zombies committing suicide by punching themselves in the mouth. And The wrestler was about to burn Edna's shoes. And the heavens looked down and said simply "WTF?". As we all were thinking, I'm sure.

Drawing #5 (IanC)-

Line #6 (James)-
Susan was tearful, and Sandy had a vacant stare that could probably be attributed to having a mouth completely consumed by mould. Despite their differing moods, they were both thinking the same thing: Whilst some zombies ate zombie foetuses, and other zombies committed suicide by shotgun, all zombies were fundamentally the same, once you got down to it. Hidden from the eyes of the viewers, Susan was performing phlogiston-themed violence on Sandy's locomotion-oriented appendages. This left the artist in a state of profane confusion.

Drawing #6 (Eviljekyll)-

Line #7 (sum yun gai)-
null was confused that he brought his fork to an sptv taping of fireball girl versus sandy the steam engine. but both fireball girl and sandy had their minds on the upcoming zombie versus zombie battle that was their destiny.

Drawing #7 (Zombie Protestor)-

Line #8 (Binkatron5000)-
Null's mealtimes are always full of adventure. Today's menu:
- Wizard who dreams of aliens that are battling
- Tender 2-man film crew
- Thomas the Tank Engine with burnt face (wizard-fire special)

Drawing #8 (kupo)-

Line #9 (Itszutak)-
Nullís attempts to eat out at a fancy restaurant failed miserably when he stepped on the set of some strange surrealist experiment that involved wizards, aliens, talking trains, barbershops and really uncomfortable furniture.

Drawing #9 (PonderThis)-

Line #10 (Null)-
I don't know why I keep coming here to eat. While the setting certainly has its charms, the food is an unappealing mix of runny clay and last year's paint chips, and the "Magic Show" is NOT worth the extra $1.75.

Drawing #10 (Blasphemy)-

We are all completely insane.