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"Telephone Pictionary Comes of Age: 21"
Started By: PonderThis

The Signup List and message:
OK, nobody else seems to want to do it so I'm going to jump in again and get this started.

Drawing #1: Me. Because I like starting with a drawing. :P
Line #1: sum yun gai
Drawing #2: draculahunter
Line #2: IanC
Drawing #3: MysticalDescent
Line #3: DarthCat
Drawing #4: PortalsAreAwesome
Line #4: Skimba
Drawing #5: Zombie Protestor
Line #5: ntw3001
Drawing #6: James
Line #6: Eviljekyll
Drawing #7: pitnyelder
Line #7: Nik
Drawing #8: chrismachine
Line #8: Dusk Bringer
Drawing #9: Jemry
Line #9: Sweet Tasting Jonas
Drawing #10: Saltine
Line #10: loofah

Sub: giantsfan97 (MILF Island == You volunteered (well unless you really don't want to))

As last time, if it has been someone's turn for a couple of (2) days, I'll send them a PM or email or something reminding them it's their turn. If there's no response the next day, I'll send the line or picture to a sub. Now if you're working on something and need more time, just say something and I'll wait for you. But please don't take more than another day or two, as I really don't want to see us take weeks between turns. So that's like 5 days at the most between turns, and hopefully more like an average of a day or two each.

The Results: "The XXI Telepiciad"

Way back when [PonderThis] started this thing we were still in the middle of the Olympics. Remember the Olympics? They were fun. Anyway [he] decided to start things off with an Olympic theme:

To which sum yun gai remarked,
two days ago, the stay-puft marshmallow man surprisingly took the gold medal by just barely beating out lizzie and george in the new olympic event of rampaging. today, he is under arrest and being taken away in chains. chinese officials declined to comment.

In answer to that, draculahunter turned in the following truly Olympic achievement:

IanC described it thusly:
The first time building smashing was a Olympic event ended in the disqualification of a giant marshmallow thing for cheating. CHEATER!!!

MysticalDescent gave it the red flag with:

DarthCat erased the entire marshmallow theme with:
Mike the Eraserman didn't care how many times the the judge from the nation of Bic tried to fine him, he and his "number one jam" (crane) were going to win this year's Olympic demolishing event!

PortalsAreAwesome took that mental image and gave us this actual image:

Skimba interpreted that as:
Previous Gold Medal winner, Red Raspberry Preserves, was doing its best to win another medal by plowing down the berated Gold, Silver and Bronze medal winners of the Office Supply Division. They were so berated by a black ball point pen whose main gripe was the high cost of keeping them in stock.

Protestor of Zombie decided to give us the result in lush Super Panavision 70 format.

Somehow ntw3001 was able to convey the full epic scope it deserves.
The Office Supplies Olympics was going swimmingly. The Men's Freestyle Murder event was a particular pleasure to watch, with the Can of Berryade team cementing its lead in the medal table by taking an excellent tally of three kills in the Bulldozer round. The sole contestant representing the Clicky Pen team, who had led the event through the Cactus and Angry Badger rounds and was widely expected to win Gold, loudly raged at his misfortune.

James knew that only a High Def Blu Ray image would suffice to capture the action.

Note that James' original is huge so I shrank it for this thread. Click on the image above to see it in its original size.

Eviljekyll captured every exciting detail with:
Five interlocking rings reside above a natatorium with a springboard, which is filled with liquid with office supplies floating on top. In the meantime, and nearby, a cement mixer exclaims "FUCK YEAH" in its victory over spazzing limbs man (now embedded in cement), and a bulldozer operated by a can of carbonated beverage hauling dead guy shanked by kitchen knife. At this, an anthropomorphic mechanical pencil cries in anguish over the loss of spazzing limbs man, his lover. He is so anguished that he shot 7 pieces of lead into a bald cactus, and one ferocious badger. He didn't have the strength to shoot the last bit of lead out of his head, so it snapped.

And then pitnyelder told the world, "THIS! IS! TELEPICTIONARY!"

Nik knew it was time to bury the Olympic theme in a post-apolyptic landscape.
The apocalypse was quite different from what I expected. When pens took over the world, all the people were killed. The last of the humans was carted off via bulldozer after being stabbed, the Badgers celebrated by dancing with cacti while the pens made sure every last redskin was cold and dead. The cement mixer shouted "fuck yeah!" while the other writing implements tried to look innocent.

So chrismachine portrayed that horrifying reality with the quiet dignity it deserves.

Dusk Bringer's description was as twilight brought upon the land.
The Great Pencil Case revolt of 2009 was led by Master Red Pen Ninja who emptied a dump-truck of fork YEAH onto all who stood in his way. Even NTW3001 could not match his might and was carried away on a snow-plough-gurney. Those yellow pencils played the Swiss option while Owlbears moonwalked and dancing cacti smiled in approval.

Jemry Jemry Jemstones noted that "the picture came up when i googled ntw3001 so i used it", and thus brought chaos upon us all.

Sweet Tasting Jonas hurriedly typed:

After a long wait that was totally not Saltine's fault, we have:

And thus loofah brought the entire saga to a close with:
The minor TV network's best stars (Erasernoggin, Max Hoodia, Hatty McBirderderpderp, and Jamesela Anderson) were making a special appearance for a politician's fundraiser. But when the angry mob's pitchforks arrived, they decided they'd best be going.