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"That phone thingy, number 0022"
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The Signup List and message:
Line #1: Moi
Drawing #1: (Null)
Line #2: Not such a bad guy when he's Hyde (Eviljekyll)
Drawing #2: cooped up (Kupo)
Line #3: Sort of a Wanderer (Seminomad)
Drawing #3:timebird (Chrono Crow)
Line #4: arbitrary puerile dude (sum yun gai)
Drawing #4: Bink Bink Bink, Bink Bink Bink, Binkatron! 5000!
Line #5: Inca Anagram (IanC)
Drawing #5:jem and the holograms (Jemry)
Line #6: cutcutcut (Nik)
Drawing #6: Blaspheyou, Blasphemy!
Line #7: NNNGGGG! NNNGGGG! (Zombie Protestor)
Drawing #7: PortalsareTOTALLYAWESOME!
Line #8: James on it. A-James on it. I said Jam, J-J-J-James on it.
Drawing #8: I go after mythological or folkloric revenants who subsist by feeding on the blood of the living. It's a living. (Draculahunter)
Line #9: Junior Varsity Credit Card (jvcc)
Drawing #9: Creator of darkness (Dusk Bringer)
Line #10: You just think about that, young lady! (PonderThis)
Drawing #10: Arcane Decline (MysticalDescent)

Welcome to the Chrismachine
KingCat (katzenkoenig)

The Results: "Picture Pages, Picture Pages... Time to grab 22 crayons..."

loofah had a slight case of slawrets, and produced this:
"Never!" she screamed, as she threw the eggplant against the wall. He decided that maybe what she needed was some time to think things over, so he took the midnight train to South Ossetia.

Null churned out this bit of awesomeness:

EvilJekyll longwindedly spouted:
In the green room, after spamusers got turned into anthropomorphic food, a spandex clad hot-head punches Eggplant James in her anger, sending him flying into the wall and spilling the food he stole from malnourished banana-chrow. She points menacingly at the man presumably responsible for this, who was casually reading Ramone's Guide Rockets-Russia; he is now infuriated at the intrusion. Applenik is surprisingly longingly looking at reading-man. We can only assume that we missed this part of the multiverse when we passed though a crisis on infinite spamusementarias.

Kupo eerily reproduced:

SemiNomad wandered around for a bit before proclaiming:
Completely ignoring Banana Jesus's pleas for nonviolence, the fire-headed woman pimp-slapped Eggplant Mike's nerdy cousin, flinging his dinner all over the rec room. Meanwhile, Meatwad's little sister's amorous gaze fell on Jimmy, the only actual human in the whole place. And Jimmy? He just sat in the corner, totally perplexed at his current situation, and a little miffed at being distracted from his magazine about rockets.

Chrono crow is the banana king!:

sum yun gai was young, and needed the money. So he submitted this:
amaizing lee dressed up as jesus and phoenix bitch slapped grimace so hard his glasses went flying across the room. while on the other side of the room, the disembodied head of sister bear fell in love with charlie brown, who was angrily washing dishes in a small bucket.

Binkatron5000, under threat of physical violence, drew this:

The IanCs disappeared over 400 years ago. But before they left, they wrote this:
Mary Marvel beats up the Ronald killing purple blob, a bear drowns in her own blood while in love with something and other comic characters do their thing - all in a single (and hopefully secure) padded cell.

Mr. Jemrystein whipped this out in no time flat:

Nik opened her mouth, and a rainbow poured out:
Havoc and mayhem as supergirl left the room for one minute. When she came back, she found a post-it-loving bear drowning in a puddle of kool aid, and all the superheroes going completely out of control, except for aquaman, who we know is useless in such situations.

Blasphemy said something very naughty about God:

Zombie Protestor logged into Trillian, and sent this:
AdminNik: Welcome to the Hell for People Who Have Wasted All Their Time Online.
Blasphemy: Why is it like we're talking in IM's?
AdminNik: It seems more fitting. Blasphemy, you drew comics. Now you shall draw comics for all eternity. You will draw every superhero that has ever existed.
Blasphemy: All of them?

PortalsAreAwesome busted a move:

James summed the situation up as only James can:
Being a demon is not always all it's cracked up to be. Sure, it may be schadenfreude central, but frankly things could get quite boring, particularly when some loser from the Internet on a power trip would insist on thrusting supernatural pictorial fiction on another, spikier -- yet somewhat worried-looking -- loser from the Internet. Just who's in charge of this situation? Shouldn't there be some sort of atrocious torture going on? Hell was hit hard by the recent years' Health and Safety kick.

Draculahunter put on his white coat:

jvcc spun around, did a showgirl kick, then grabbed the microphone and sang this little ditty:
As the minotaur spoke to his psychiatrist, he stretched out his arms, as if to say his problems were as vast as the cityscape behind them.

Dusk Bringer did a do-si-do, then grabbed a paintbrush and went to town:

PonderThis stroked his chin, nodded approvingly, and replied:
The minotaur, full of angst and self-doubt, had found a sidewalk psychologist to tell his woes. From the couch the half man half bull laid bare his soul, while the psychologist calmly sipped his coffee and took notes.

MysticalDescent wrapped up the festivities: