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"Telepictionary Two-Three"
Started By: PortalsAreAwesome

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Let's hope this one is at least half as awesome as the last. :D

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The Results: "Telephone Pictionary XXIII"

The librarian, distraught over the coffee and gasoline mishap, kicked everyone out of the library.


Someone stored a leaky gasoline container on the shelf above the coffee machine in the library's employee break room. It dripped, they drank, and there was much shouting and flatulence.


In a place of books
They argue and pass much gas
Fat monster sheds tears.

Also petrol is dripping into the coffeetron.

Chrono Crow:

The machine with an arm, a leg, and a other, supervises Chirism in the library with a crying Grimace and broccli farts.


Grimace started crying when he pooped a cabbage in the library. "It's OK, man," said the casually dressed librarian dude. "No need to be embarrassed. Nobody else in here besides the walking refrigerator and me, and I poop in here all the time. Hell, this isn't even a real library. The shelves are all solid blocks."


sum yun gai:
emo grimace was freaking out. he was being chased through the hall of mirrors by an insane microwave oven and veepa sporting a green fauxhawk


Eggplant Mikeís cover was blown, as not only did the punk bandís roadie discover he wasnít part of the crew, but even the microwave saw through his disguise, and now both were chasing him through the hall of mirrors.


That banana was hardcore, man. He totally had his head peeled and pierced. He was in a grunge band which routinely destroyed their guitars - they just ripped them right out of the amplifiers! And he hung out with the bad crowd, like leaky microwaves that set off pacemakers. But the worst thing was that he liked to chase helpless nightshades, like Aubergine Michel, through funhouse mirror halls.


As the band play a song sung by a banana about some kind of banana uprising, the very small crowd kill themselves with machines.

Expect for one, who strips naked. Why? Who knows? She'll probably die too.


Everyone loved Jimmy Banana and the Coolmen. As much as Jimmy loved singing, he often imagined himself as a crazed dictator on stage instead of a musician. There would be chaos in the audience.

Judas Maccabeus: