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"25 Days of Telepictionary"
Started By: Zombie Protestor

The Signup List and message:

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1. Zombie Protestor
2. SemiNomad
3. Binkatron5000
4. sum yun gai
5. EvilJekyll
6. Judas Maccabeus
7. draculahunter
8. jvcc
9. PortalsAreAwesome
10. IanC
11. Null
12. loofah
14. chrismachine
15. Jemry
17. PonderThis
18. Nik
19. quetzalcoatlus

Santa's Helpers:
1. Skimba

The Results: "On the 25th day of Telepic, Spamusement gave to me..."

Things started out rather simply with this bizarre and wordless picture:

SemiNomad wrote:
Frosty was pissed. "That's it Santa," he shouted. "Make a choice, fat boy. It's either me, or the limbless Pillsbury Doughboy. We can't both be your best friend."

Binkatron5000 wrote:

sum yun gai wrote:
santa was dismayed to walk in on the deathmatch between frosty the snowman and the pillsbury dough boy. he didn't know what brought this on, his only thought was that it was probably the end of his tradition of cookies on christmas eve

Eviljekyll wrote:

Judas Maccabeus wrote:
Black French Santa looks on with a single tear at the war between Frosty and the Pillsbury Dougboy's gingerbread hordes.

draculahunter wrote:

jvcc wrote:
The battle between the forces of Snowman and the Pillsbury Doughboy was bruttle. As gingerbread man turned against gingerbread man, black Scottish Santa turned away, shedding a single tear. When would the killing end?

PortalsAreAwesome wrote:

IanC wrote:
As the giant snowman and cookiedoughman forced people to work as slaves, Santa turned and cried. It was no longer his world....

Null wrote:

loofah wrote:
After a heavily armed Santa crashed into the mountains in his spaceship, he played a deadly game of Hide-and-Go-Seek with a demonic snowman (who rode a demonic, pie-faced, slug-like caterpillar with sleeves which were clearly too long for it). The lives of a multitude of mushroom gatherers were held in the balance. If only they'd notice the TARDIS not 10 feet from them, they could break free of their bonds.

MysticalDescent wrote:

Mimiheart wrote:
Robot Santa is going to kill all old video games--like centipede with robot mushrooms--and I think that's Dr. Who watching; there's an evil snowman involved too.

Skimba wrote:

chrismachine wrote:
all of the 8bit characters assembled in the snowy field... pac man, anonymous running blocky dude, that egg-shooting first bad guy from Mario 2, the abominable snowman from that windows 3.1.1 skiing game that eats you at the end, umm... peacock-ape? murderous santabot?

PonderThis wrote:

Nik wrote:
The chilling wind matched the temperature of Pac Man's soul.
As he lazily puffed his joint, he looked out on the barren tundra and wondered just how he had sunk so low.
He didn't start out his life as a hit man, and the jolly old man just didn't deserve it.

quetzalcoatlus wrote: