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"TP 28 A Telephone Picture Book!"
Started By: PonderThis

The Signup List and message:
1. PonderThis
2. Binkatron5000
3. jvcc
4. Eviljekyll
5. draculahunter
6. Yoyodyne
7. Clueless
8. PortalsAreAwesome
9. Matthew
10. catastrophile
11. Dusk Bringer
12. quetzalcoatlus
13. Mimiheart
14. Null
15. loofah
16. Binkatron5000
17. Nik
18. Clueless
19. PortalsAreAwesome
20. draculahunter
21. jvcc
22. Eviljekyll
23. katzenkoenig
24. sum yun gai
25. Yoyodyne
26. PonderThis ("Last Page" wrap-up)

As the person starting this thread I will serve as GM.
1. When a person is finished with their turn, they will PM the picture to the GM and post a message indicating that their drawing is done.
2. The first person who posts that they are ready to draw next gets the next turn.
3. Either the person who just finished or the GM (or both) will PM that person with the drawing.
4. Repeat.
Also ...

---------- ORIGINAL POST ----------
OK, I've got an idea for running this a bit differently. I figure it'll make things run quicker. I hope. Maybe. Anyway.

I'll post a link to the starting picture. The first person who posts "I've got it" or whatever gets the first turn. As soon as I see the "I've got it" post, I'll edit my post to delete the link.

Meanwhile person number two has viewed the starting picture and drawn their own followup. They'll post a link to their picture (and PM that link to me too just in case I miss it). As soon as person number three posts "I've got it" person number two edits their post to delete the link.

And so on until the rate of follow-up drops off to several days.

Does that sound workable?

The Results: "TP28: DUELS! THROUGH TIME and space"

  1. PonderThis started it off with Robot vs Dinosaur.
  2. Binkatron5000 knew that 115 million years ago robots had a definite disadvantage.
  3. So jvcc depicted the inevitable outcome.
  4. The streets were quickly cleared so that Eviljekyll could introduce the next duel.
  5. It was time to build some tension into this comic, and draculahunter knew it.
  6. Yoyodyne introduced a plot point and worried spectators.
  7. Clueless blew it up.
  8. And PortalsAreAwesome caught a moment in time.
  9. Matthew didn't pull punches when he showed us the awful carnage the duel hath wrought.
  10. The duel over, catastrophile knew it was time for somber reflection.
  11. Dusk Bringer sent our plot out into space by taking on the Sun.
  12. The Sun can be cruel, as quetzalcoatlus well knew.
  13. Mimiheart made it all better.
  14. Null gave it his own spin.
  15. And loofah laid down the ground rules.
  16. Binkatron5000 geared up for the next stage of the story.
  17. Doom thy name is Nik.
  18. The universe was Clueless.
  19. PortalsAreAwesome went beyond the known universe.
  20. Receding into the darkness of draculahunter.
  21. Only then could jvcc evoke total blackness.
  22. Eviljekyll kept the black theme going.
  23. Until katzenkoenig brought us back into the light.
  24. And sum yun gai kept on going into the spotlight.
  25. Yoyodyne gave us the necessary historical perspective to wrap it up.