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"Teleteletelepictionary 29! Sign up for your spot(s)!"
Started By: Skimba

The Signup List and message:
This telepic will be done pretty much exactly the same as the previous one because that one worked out so well. :D


1. Portals
2. Drac
3. Clueless
4. katzenkoenig
5. Ponder
6. Eviljekyll
7. Yoyo
8. Skimba
9. Mimiheart
Alternate 1: Null
PonderThis wrote:
1. When a person is finished with their turn, they will PM the picture to the GM and post a message indicating that their drawing is done.
2. The first person who posts that they are ready to draw next gets the next turn.
3. Either the person who just finished or the GM (or both) will PM that person with the drawing.
4. Repeat.
Also ...
  • I am arbitrarily declaring 640x480 to be the standard drawing size. Anything larger will be shrunkified and a link provided to the original.
  • Once the rate of turns slows down sufficiently the GM will post something about speeding things up already or he'll end the game really he means it and if no one steps up to take the next turn he'll end the game at that point.
  • If the games gets to 25 turns, that'll be the end.
  • Double-dipping is only allowed if at least 10 turns have passed since the person's last participation. Surely by then the thing will have morphed so much that it won't matter what someone drew before.