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""Hello? No, this is not Telephone Pictionary 5. *click*"
Started By: EvilJekyll

The Signup List and message:

One entry per contestant.
All prizes invalidated upon submission of entry.

1. EvilJekyll
2. ChrisMachine
3. DarthCat
4. JameS
5. sum yun gai
6. Chrono Crow
7. Seminomad
8. Beef Boullionaire Joyboy
9. MonkeyBorg
10. ntw3001
11. PonderThis
12. Anouleth
13. Veepster
14. DMEnduro
15. SALTine
16. Giantsfan97
18. Mystical Descent
19. Nik
20. Gelatine Cow (This is the closest number to +[infinity symbol])

This is the signup for the next round.
Odds do the lines. (We prefer that you make up a sentence or two to go with the picture first.)
Evens draw. (Last one standing wins)

The Results: ""Hello? Why yes, this *IS* Telephone Pictionary 5.""

Eviljekyll's queer line:
"Listening to music whilst looking at trippy art is quite a passtime of mine."

ChrisM mashed this together:

DarthCat (as provided by James):
"I lay on the grass mat in my tangerine speedo, listening to awesome jams while tripping out looking at the results of what was either a really awesome optical illusion or a really lackluster acid trip."

JameS got tired in the middle and settled with:

sum yun gai stenographed:
"i lay in the street on the fresh green grass, my sumo loin cloth in place, listening to the street band AJ Strawberry and the Jams while a floating rainbow doodle tried to impress me and then said "oh fork it" and floated away"

ChronoCrow hastily scribbled:

SemiNomad managed to find these words:
"The alien-cotton swab hybrids were too busy playing music, weightlifting with Japanese flags, and doing sit-ups in the middle of the street to notice the rainbow flying away."

Beef Boullionaire Joyboy zinged this back:

Mimiheart filthily retorted:
"The rainbow flew past the men with their balls at the end of their dicks: a Japanese guy, a guitar player, and roadkill-man."

ntw3001 gaily drew:

PonderThis pondered this:
"The members of the rock band "Genital Deformity Sufferers' Support Group" were shocked when a crazed masked fan wearing dead animals burst into their practice, apparently trying to alert them to the fact that the sun had come out on this rainy day and produced a rainbow."

anouleth drew:

Veepa interpreted it as:
"One can surely tell that the famous rock band, Genital Deformity Sufferers, have completely sold out by viewing the cover for their latest album, 'Rainbow Sound.'"

DMEnduro came back with this lovely drawing:

Saltine saltily spoke:
"The boy at the music store was saddened to discover he could not afford the album Two Unreasonably-Well-Endowed Men And The Rainbow-Emitting Speaker."

giantsfan97 drew this doozy:

Kerberos imagined:
"Little Bobby cried as he saw that the music store charged $1000 dollars to sodomize a RainboNoise speaker."

loofah thought this was perfectly normal:

Nik thought otherwise:
"That's no music store! that's just an excuse to get raped through the gloryhole!"

Gelatine Cow found an image for this: