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"Toilet Paper 6"
Started By: chrismachine

The Signup List and message:
Sign up Here!!!

To add an extra person, I'm going to send the line to the person who signs up as number 1, so this time odd numbers will draw, and we will end with a line, in traditional style. Enjoy!

1 -- DC
2 -- Lag
3 -- Ponder
4 -- Anullment
5 -- Cerberus
6 -- Jemry
7 -- Kupo
8 -- GF
9 --GellyCow
10 -- Chrono
11 --sum yun gai
12 -- ntw
13 -- pitnyelder
14 -- James
15 -- DB
16 -- Mimi
17 --GoodHyde
18 -- fullystationary
19 --Nikcq
20 -- Optimus Primate

The Results: "Toilet Paper 6: Return of the Empty Roll"
Sorry, I was at Cirque Du Soleil last night, and it somehow turned into a Friday-Sunday event with friends.
Here we go.

[chrismachine] started it all off with this:
There was no way I could draw the lewd comic I had originally intended now that Mother Theresa was watching over my shoulder.

DarthCat begrudgingly disclosed:

Lagadagadindong decided he could briefly sum this up in under three breaths, and did so thusly:
In a shocking exposé to CNN, several school children have come forward to say that as their high school physics teacher, Mother Theresa aka "Crusher" routinely broke students' fingers when they answered her questions incorrectly.

Ponder didn’t let any of that diatribe get left out when he made this:

Skimba was overwhelmed, so decided to focus on a carefully selected few details, and out this came:
On TV, a demonically possessed nun screams as she is about to pour Black Bottle Brandy on the reporter who is interviewing a young blonde with a broken hand and a black man with missing fingers as the Giants have an unprecedented score over the Redskins.

[chrismachine] was shocked [he] wasn’t flooded with lines about “the chick with the huge knockers” after Kerberos sent [him] this

Jemry was in the convenient position of having to describe the image to a blind man. The description is recorded hereafter:
Angry Druid with turd on head, holds out drink, possibly alcoholic. Nearby a man sits down and presents a microphone to the next potential girl in line. Btw, Theres a TV showing the scores and theres a shoddy background.

This line gave Kupo a coma, but when she recovered she drew this:

[chrismachine] was slightly overwhelmed with how much sense gf decided to make with this:
Underneath the outdoor scoreboard, he offered a spoon to the girl while the doody-headed old elf looked on

Gelly started a tp6 trend with this:

CC just sealed the deal with this line:
Homestar explains to Marzipan the horrors he's seen in the military while a truly disturbed Poopsmith looks on horrifyingly, picturing the stories in his head.

Chicken Dai Dop Wai got trapped in MS paint with just an oval tool and a line tool, but you still didn’t hear him complaining when he made this:

ntw was sucked in by a single star and some disproportionate eyes, towing the line with this line:
The Poopsmith has violent daydreams when Homestar puts on his army gear and starts bossing people around.

That poopsmith guy or whatever wasn’t the only one slinging shit with this pitnyelder offering:

James and [chrismachine] had a grammar discussion as a result of this line that doesn’t quite do it (the line) justice:
Under the oppressive gaze of the Homestarmy, a lowly worker dreams of wreaking mechanical revenge on a world that's wronged him so odoriferously.

Duskbringer took his sweet delicious time, but did eventually produce this:

f people revert back to homestar after this mimi line, [chrismachine]’ll eat [his] hat:
Wrench dung drumming in front of famous webcomic clones.

Ok, EJ is only like 1/5th psychic, so [chrismachine] just ate the cap brim after he sent [him] this:

Attempt number two to move in a new direction, courtesy of semi:
The crowd, which consisted solely of clones of various webcomic characters, was ready for the concert to begin. However, the band seems to have disintegrated. Also, there was a giant dancing crescent wrench on stage.

Finally, Nik breaks the curse!

Monkeyborg provides a fitting end to the saga:
The cast of SPAMUSEMENT: THE COMIC has been boormanized by a tap dancing mouse whose shredded crotch lies scattered amongst assorted musical instruments.