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"TelePic 7 - Free long distance and no roaming charges"
Started By: Lagandorain

The Signup List and message:
Alright, you all know the drill.

Red/odd numbers draw, green/even write.

For the sake of my fragile sanity, please limit your initial sign up posts to something simple and direct like "I want number 3", not something "witty" or "clever" like "If the planets align and no one else wants does not want to maybe not think about not considering not not taking the spot, I want number (FLOOR[((LOG p % e) >> 5)] ^0) * i^2 + 10%6".

00 - Lagandorain
01 - Beef Boullionaire Joyboy
02 - Kerberos
03 - Jvcc
04 - Eviljekyll
05 - DMEnduro
06 - Pitnyelder
07 - Nik
08 - Dusk Bringer
09 - Null
10 - PonderThis
11 - Veepa
12 - Chrono Crow
13 - Chrismachine
14 - Giantsfan97
15 - Sum yun gai
16 - katzenkoenig
17 - Loofa
18 - Jemry
19 - Mimi
20 - Darthcat
21 - James

The Results: "TelePic 7 - Service terminated, cancellation fees may apply"
NOW SHOWING - Telephone Pictionary episode 7
Now with 80% more coonskin and volcanoes!

This extended episode of mayhem started with a fairly innocuous line:
The Blue Man Group's tour of Russia began to go horribly wrong.

BBJ interpreted the line and drew this charming piece:

Kerberos began a trend with his line:
The Blue Man hit the ground and exploded while Davy Crockett ran away from the tragedy, horrified.

Jvcc captured the pain and anguish of the characters in her picture:

Eviljekyll planted the seeds of the second trend with his line:
Davy Crockett runs from the ice man who fell in lava.

DMEnduro captures the agony of human (and ice man) suffering in his picture:

Pitnyeilder wants to make TP7 more surreal with his line:
Daniel Boone flees down the shrubbery-lined chocolate path before anyone notices that he's inadvertently knocked that ice sculpture of a zombie into the boiling lava pit.

Nik gladly obliges with her picture:

Dusk Bringer took a hit of some controlled (possibly illegal) substance and composed a little poem:
Daniel Boon was a man
A big man
But he couldn't save the Roman Love Trolls From Mount Vesuvius
So he ran up the dairy milk path to the land of chocolate
Leaving behind a small piece of lint (not Lindt).

Null's picture leaves me speechless:

PonderThis thought long and hard before writing this epic:
Mini-Hitler's plans had gone all awry. The volcano had exploded prematurely, causing his dwarf-clone army to flee in bemused terror, many of them being burnt alive. Luckily the the volcano had flung his supply of giant milk cartons into the path of the now flowing lava. Mini-Hitler was thus able to make his escape across those milk cartons while inside his giant Davey Crocket robot. Too bad some of his clone army drowned in the milk.
Far in the distance, Cousin Itt waves goodbye using a robotic arm to which Thing is attached.

Veepa had his work cut out for him:

Chrono Chrow succinctly describes the picture in the professional manner of a journalist. OF A SUPERMARKET TABLOID.
A bionic Cousin Itt attempts to assassinate diaper-clad Hitler with a karate chop as he reigns upon the three-toe-footed dwarves from atop his menacing Davey Crocket robot whilst a nearby volcano covers everything in lava and milk.

Chrismachine renders the line as it appears in his mind:

Giantsfan97 writes:
E.T.'s 'coon-skin hat was infested with Hitler and Cousin It. This worried him because of the people running around in the jungle near the volcano.

Sum yun gai's picture characterizes the deprivation of socio-cultural and tactile stimulation that has resulted in an anomie verging on semi-involutional catatonia that would have been assuaged if there was anything better to do than watch soap-opera reruns:

Katzenkoenig deciphered the picture's subliminal meaning:
When you're a bigbellied and -footed boy scout capable of balancing hitler and apronymaniac's hair on your hat, the only thing that can stop you is a volcanic eruption.

Loofa started a new trend with this little gem... :

... which Jemry promptly mangled:
Scoutmaster Reginald is more concerned about the wigs floating nearby his head than the steady flow of f!@#ing lava. Btw, there's palm trees and volcano(es).

Mimi selflessly toiled, ignoring job, family and friends to bring us this masterpiece:

DarthCat began to wrap up the series:
Reginald wondered how he had ended up on a tropical island instead of back inside the fast food joint after taking his break, but the bird-things interrupted his train of thought by attacking.

But not before James left his mark. THROUGH TIME!