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"PellytHone NictiOnpary LUcky NuMBer 8"
Started By: Dusk Bringer

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The Results: "The Compleat Telefon Pictionarie The 8th"

Here is a dramatic reconstruction of what occurred.

Rocket Boy wiped the tears from Cosmic Girl's eyes as they stood on the surface of the moon. "As soon as I have finished my business on Uranus, I'll return to your beautiful face".


Sum Yun Gai
the Little Prince bid a tearful goodbye to his girlfriend, Mystique


Instead of sealing the deal, the Little Prince pushed a scantily-clad Nik off his planet and into the abyss of outer space, because no matter how much he wanted it, there was only enough room for one.


"It was with great sadness that the galaxy's last Scot cast aside the bikinied redhead, but he knew the sacrifice had to be made if he was to finish documenting how his mountainous home had been launched into outer space. This would be his magnum opus."


Gelatine Cow
Oddly enough, the Scotsman found it difficult to write his giant novel in the presence of several semi-naked slender-spamuser-clones. The fact that there was a massive hole in the floor of his spacecraft didn't help either. Leaving Earth in such a shoddily built machine was nerve-wracking, but he was happy nonetheless.


Checkerboard-skirt Bob falls through the floor of the spaceship while cardboard cutout girls laugh when he can't finish writing in his over-large diary.


"A flying saucer crewed by hot chicks came down from the sky to abduct Bob Barker, who was wearing a kilt. As he was beamed aboard, Bob dropped his dairy and could not catch it as it fell to the ground."


"As the hella-cool flaming chickens abducted George Plimpton (who was apparently wearing a kilt), he dropped his heart-imprinted book full of potential George Plimpton-brand products. The moon chuckled."


Chrono Crow
The moon laughs at the fish-brained duck aliens who abduct the Irish-Canadian gentleman before he has a chance to play his new George vs. Pepe Le Pew board game.


The moon laughed at the fish-hatted aliens who prefered to abduct Canadian leprechauns that owned the new board game "George vs. Pepe Le Pew"


Two green aliens wearing clownfish hats lowered a Canadian leprechaun via a crane from their space craft inot a fighting match between George and Pepe le Peu. The moon pointed in horror and another leprechaun was confused.


A leprechaun is aghast and confused as his Canadian clone is lifted away by two fish-headed aliens. Meanwhile, Pepe le Peu remains nonchalent, despite being threatened by a monkey wielding a big gun.