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"Telefine Pic-shine # NEIN!"
Started By: DarthCat

The Signup List and message:
Hustle, hustle, hustle, folks!
Green = line, blue = pix!

00 - Me!
01 - J.V.C.C.
02 - Kup0-ch4n
03 - DeeBee the Magnifico
04 - Dr. Katz
05 - Re-lick
06 - Dungeon Master Enduro
07 - Auntie W
08 - T3h Skimberz
09 - Salty
10 - Aloof-ah
11 - Null'n'Void
12 -That yun guai
13 - Unlucky Pit Elder
14 - Mimi-less-than-three
15 - Nik personhead!
16 -B.B. Jay
17 - Sha-Moni
18 - Chronono
19 - PonderThat
20 - Cow Jello
21 - Jem & the Holograms

22 - The Descent
The Results: "ACHTUNG! Un picturphonen teltionader! NEIN!"

After three grueling weeks...
soaked in blood, sweat, and tears...


Well then...

[DarthCat] started it off with this (self-representative?) quote:
"I found out the hard way, so a word to the wary: there are some flavors which just don't mix right."

jvcc figured I had learned this lesson the hard way.

kupo appreciates the right to choice, even when she doesn't actually like those choices.
"The young man could not figure out what would freshen his breath. Garlic, onions, toothpaste, or a tin of sardines."

Duskbringer opened things up to more topical interpretations with this lovely scrawling:

And katzenkoenig took the bait! It was ON, now!
"After his transformation to a human, the supercomputer 'enjoyed' some of the world's finest luxuries: lots of garlic, sardines, fresh hairspray, having beer funneled into your mouth by jvcc and toothpaste. He shouldn't have ignored the warning on the labels, though: all that DOES reduce the size of your eyes a great deal."

Rhellik drew what everyone was thinking - at least, based on the oddly specific description he was sent.

DMEnduro came out of his corner swinging away with
"jvcc funnels an intoxicating liquid into a four-armed man who imagines that transforming from a machine would be a positive experience, whilst he indulges on sardines, garlic, hairspray, and possibly eye-shrinking toothpaste."

ntw3001 stole my heart (and won't give it back) with this truly disturbing image:

Skimba was equally shocked... I think.
"The leperous three-armed pygmy cried for life as the tiny evil monkey poured machine oil into the pygmy's blood stream."

Saltine, on the other hand, was entirely unfazed, and drew this image while plotting world conquest and consuming the blood of chihuahuas.

loofah tried to ignore his obvious cruelty by making witty pop culture references instead.
"As JVCC pumps crude oil into a crying 3-armed caveman, his bruised and battered body begins to look like a cross between Tron and a scene out of Requiem for a Dream."

Null apologized profusely (no really, I read the PM again) for this masterwork - maybe it only made his test audience weep half as much as usual.

sum yun gai stressed substance over style in completely forgoing syntax.
"curious george pulls the hair of a four armed mutant hare krishna caveman while the fantastic four attempt to save the day"

pitnyelder was finally persuaded into activity after a long and harrowing 6-day battle. It was pretty epic - you should've been there.

Mimiheart was short and sweet (take that how you will).
"Mutants steal a teddy bear off a cave-woman's head."

Nik was not amused, and synthesized this image out of rice cakes and tissue paper in response.


Moni's entry was half brown and half rainbows and pixie dust.

But I think she and Chrono may have cheated on this one.
"Fred, wearing his favorite custom-made T-shirt, angrily tells his son not to come out of his room until the f**king bear's toenails are cut."

PonderThis decided to have a costume party after everyone else left.

Gelatine Cow will not be denied!
"You are going to go with this bear, and take this electric-shaver, and you are not coming out until you've reattached all his claws; or my name isn't Fred. Vote Fred!"

EvilJekyll listened patiently, and waited for his turn to strike.

and THE DESCENT closed.
"Fred was demanding vots from people and claimed that he would induce the reattachment of claws to paws lest his name be otherwise. While doing this, a man from Warwickshire is holding his county's symbol and a small torpedo at a fair. Both men are well hatted."